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golgothasmoon replied to your post:

Ive never tried coffee but with a neat name like that im curious.

My state has a coffee stand called Bigfoot Java and they sell a white chocolate mocha and it’s freaking tasty.

You should try it.

Good morning.

Would any one like a Bigfoot mythical mocha, these things are damn good,

I am free this weekend, does any one want to get a drink with me or hang out?

I haven’t had a lot of time out of the house.

Slowly working up the funds to go back to school for a little while.

Being a grocery clerk isn’t as bad as I remember.


raven u can see into the fucking future stop actin like this the weirdest shit u ever heard

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cover for Steven Universe #5 !!

why yes, i did imply that cookie cat was rebranded as a delicious wafer snack. that’s probably not canon but i can dream

My life consists of Steven Universe, eating cereal on John’s couch, and Delilah.

I promise I am in my mid twenties.

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opinion of anime over time
pre-weeb: oh, those Japanese cartoon things! I saw an episode of sailor moon once
naruto phase: I love naruto!!!! Itadakimasu! *attempts to use chopsticks on instant ramen* jutsuuuuu! *does naruto run up tree, falls on ass*
post-naruto: naruto is so lame and overrated. anyone who likes is a baka. I watch the REAL anime, like vampire knight and soul eater. Desu
post-weeb: anime is for babies. I hate anime, fucking weeaboos need to stop clogging up this earth
accidentally finding an anime I like: it's just one, I'm not a weeb or anything. I just appreciate this ONE show regardless of the medium.
weeb-in-denial: I... I'm not a weeb... okay maybe I am. I'm so sorry. Gomen
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Account updaaaaaate

Hey guys!

It’s Airi, mod for this account.

So I got a job a few weeks ago that I have thirty five hours a week and it’s tiring and means longer days then I am used to. I also don’t have a lap top right now, my lap top crashed and my sister hasn’t been able to fix it. So this means I haven’t been out in a few weeks!

But the good news is is I want to come back to this account but is going to happen when ever I get my lap top fixed. 

Either way, I’m here, I’m alive. If you guys want to find me my main is Airi-Egbert

Hopefully it won’t be too long but I will be back, I miss this account.

Delilah’s hair is getting so long…

Gosh she is growing..

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