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I also discovered that she doesn’t like ketchup and blue berries.

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I made short bread and Delilah has demolished two and a half now.

I have literally done nothing the past few days and this is distressing.

Our muses are cooking together! Send a symbol for a starter…


  • ❥ - Your muse has flour on their face and my muse kisses it off
  • ღ - The plan goes off without a hitch! The baked treats are great! Our muses admire their handiwork.
  • ☹ - The treats are… not so great. Our muses have burnt their food.
  • ✩ - My muse’s reaction to your muse licking icing off my muse’s fingers.
  • ☁ - Our muses aren’t feeling so good, so they’re making comfort food.
  • ◒ - While making pizza, our muses can’t agree on a topping.
  • ➵ - Food fight! Our muses ditch the cooking and start slinging flour!
  • ❢ - My muse comes home to a pleasant surprise- your muse cooking their favourite food.


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It sounds amazing. It’s been a long couple of days and I think gearing the little ones up for a vacation is a good plan. 

Though Dave is still a bit tiny, someone would have to watch her, should we find a ‘sitter or take her with anyway? I don’t think I want to be away from my daughter…

We can bring her, Delilah is still kind of small for this kind of thing but I think if we stick to the wade pool and just switch off from there. I will call tonight and set up a hotel room for us.

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transgenderstrider said: I think we could all use the break to be honest.

Sound good? We can do and spend a few days, I know a hotel near it we can stay at a few days.

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Jesus it’s hot today..


Grand Heist.